9 signs you can’t afford your Mortgage

posted by Debt Solv Mortgage Solutions

While plenty of individuals live from payday to payday, most people know they should be saving money and reducing debt. Many people say that money worries keep them awake at night, but that doesn’t necessarily translate to imminent bankruptcy. How do you know when you are truly in trouble?
Here are nine signs that indicate you are heading for that trouble and may be unable to pay your mortgage in upcoming months:

1. Late Fees – you are late to pay your bills.
2. You can’t pay all your bills – every month, you must decide which bills to pay and which bills to ignore.
3. Making Minimum Payments on Credit Cards
4. No Emergency Savings
5. You Can’t Afford Home Maintenance
6. Reduced Income – Money is already tight and now your work hours have been reduced or you have been laid off
7. Using Credit Cards to Pay Bills
8. Using Your Retirement Fund
9. You’re Maxed Out – credit card balances go over the limit, you apply for new credit cards…. While you may be making your mortgage payments just fine, if you cannot control your use of credit cards it can be an indication that housing payments are too high.
Handling financial problems is never easy. But if you meet most of those criteria above, you may need an assistance!
– Part of your mortgage may be written off!
– Interest rates can be reduced!
– The mortgage term can be extended!
– Personal & unsecured debt can be written off!
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