Are you unable to repay your mortgage?
Are you having difficulty paying your debts?
Is financial stress affecting you and your family?


When you talk to Debtsolv, we listen carefully to your particular financial problems and give you expert, confidential advice. Our experienced financial advisors explain the best solution for you.


Your mortgage repayments reduced
Part of your mortgage balance is written off
Personal debt repayments reduced

You are not alone!


Insolvency Service of Ireland (ISI) Quarter 1 2017 Statistical Report for 2017 and analysis

posted by debtsolv

Press Release 25th May 2017 Insolvency Service of Ireland (ISI) Quarter 1 Statistical Report for 2017 and analysis of Personal Insolvency Arrangements published, showing: Applications have more than doubled com...

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Personal insolvency works for debtors

posted by debtsolv

High profile or not, personal insolvency works for debtors. Stephen Kinsella, 46, had taken out a mortgage of €385,000 in 2005 to build a house but lost his security business and a job as a truck driver in 2008...

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Personal Insolvency for the separated

posted by debtsolv

Ms Justice Marie Baker’s recent decision will help guide how banks  consider personal insolvency arrangements – debt write-off plans for individuals needing a financial leg-up – when a spouse is no longer aroun...

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How does it work?

You realise you are in financial difficulty as you cannot meet all your bills as they fall due.

You contact to discuss your options

A PIP arranges with the insolvency service to issue a protective certificate

Within 70 days the PIP arranges a restructuring of all your debts with your creditors

The Insolvency Service and the Court approve the arrangement

What can the re-structure include?

Part of your mortgage may be written off

Interest rates can be reduced

The mortgage term can be extended

Personal & unsecured debt can be written off


Under new Irish legislation there are several debt solutions available.

Cormac Mohan as contained in the Register of Personal Insolvency Practitioners maintained under section 162 of the Act is authorised by the Insolvency Service of Ireland to carry on practice as a personal insolvency practitioner

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